Professional Development

Multiple Engagement Opportunities 

We offer a variety of services and professional development resources for instructors of all experience and skill levels. 

Ambassador Presentation

Who: For those instructors and/or administrators who want an introductory engagement with QLT at the program or department level.

What: Our experienced Ambassadors will come to your next team meeting and orient your team to the QLT initiative. We can answer many of your specific questions about how the QLT initiative can help you.

When & Where: We are happy to coordinate with you.

How: Email

CSU QLT Online Training Courses

Who: For instructors who have attended an AT Institute, have some experience teaching online, and are in the process of designing and building a course.

What: The Office of the Chancellor also offers a 3-week fully online asynchronous training course throughout the year. The course, Introduction to Teaching Online Using QLT, is an introduction to the pedagogies and strategies of successfully teaching in blended-online formats, weaving the 10 sections of the CSU QLT instrument throughout. Participants can expect to engage in helpful discussions with their peers from other CSUs and share best practices for creating quality blended-online courses that align with their student learning outcomes.

When & Where: Offered fully online at various times throughout the year. Visit the Quality Assurance Training website for details.

How: Register online at CSU Quality Assurance Courses

SF State QLT Workshop

Who: This half-day, introductory workshop is designed for instructors who currently have a course in iLearn that they would like to improve. It is strongly recommended for anyone intending to earn a QLT certification.

What: This workshop will introduce you to the QLT evaluation instrument and course certification process. Using the QLT evaluation instrument, we will work side-by-side with you to identify the strengths and areas of improvement for your course. Together we will look at your iLearn course and suggest concrete ways for you to improve and enhance it. At the end of the workshop you will have an actionable revision plan. This process of self-review and revision is the foundation of the QLT initiative.

When & Where: Offered periodically on-campus throughout the year. Visit the Events page of the Academic Technology website for upcoming events. The workshop includes many interactive engagement activities, and is only offered in-person on campus. Attendance by web conference for this event is currently not available. Refreshments are included
How: Visit the Events page of the Academic Technology website for details.
Groups of instructors and/or administrators who have already organized a department/program-level cohort seeking QLT certification may collaborate with AT staff and QLT Ambassadors to develop a private workshop specific to your needs. Email or call 415-405-5550.

SF State Course Design Workshop

Who: This half-day workshop is designed for faculty who are familiar with iLearn and are building a new course or converting an existing course to Hybrid or Fully Online formats.

What: In this workshop, our Instructional Designers and QLT Ambassadors will give you clear and comprehensive strategies and tools for systematically building your iLearn course from the ground up. Whether your project is on a tight schedule or an ongoing endeavor, this approach can flex to your needs. Join us for an active and engaging afternoon where you will begin planning your course design project.

When & Where: Visit the Events page of the Academic Technology website for information about upcoming workshops. Due to the active and hands-on content of this workshop, remote participation through web conference is not available. Refreshments will be provided.
How: Visit the Events page of the Academic Technology website for details.

QLT Departmental Cohort

Who: For groups of instructors who have organized into a departmental or program cohort, and are interested in improving the quality of their online courses.

What: A QLT cohort consists of a group of online and hybrid instructors working together to earn their full QLT certifications. Cohorts work collaboratively to address common instructional challenges and share their solutions while QLT mentors and AT staff also provide individualized support. During the mentorship period you will revise and improve your course. You will also complete your Self-review and Revision Planning Document and QLT Certification Application.

When & Where: We are happy to coordinate with you on a series of ongoing group and individual meetings depending on cohort member need and availability. Participation is primarily in-person on campus, but remote participation through live web conference is also possible.

How: Email or call 415-405-5550. We will coordinate with you.