Evaluation Instrument

A Comprehensive Tool for Enhancing Quality

At the core of the initiative is the QLT evaluation instrument containing 10 sections and 58 objectives. The evaluation instrument was developed after review of related research and literature, as well as careful consideration of existing models for assessing effective teaching and learning.10 Sections of the QOLT evaluation instrument

  1. Course Overview and Introduction (8 objectives)
  2. Assessment of Student Learning (6 objectives)
  3. Instructional Materials and Resources Utilized (6 objectives)
  4. Student Interaction and Community(7 objectives)
  5. Facilitation and Instruction (8 objectives)
  6. Technology for Teaching and Learning (5 objectives)
  7. Learner Support and Resources (4 objectives)
  8. Accessibility and Universal Design (7 objectives)
  9. Course Summary and Wrap-up (3 objectives)
  10. Mobile Platform Readiness – OPTIONAL – (4 objectives)

Download the full QLT Self-review and Revision Planning Document (.DOC) for full descriptions of all of the objectives.

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