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CSU Quality Assurance Resource Repository (QuARRy)

  • A collection of online teaching-learning exemplars collected from participants in the CSU Quality Assurance program

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  • Register for upcoming CSU Quality Assurance workshops
  • View exemplar courses from across the CSU in the QLT Online Resource Repository
  • Learn how CSU supports accessibility and Universal Design for Learning

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Grab 'n' Go Resources

1.4 Online Etiquette

1.5 Academic Integrity

1.6 Technical Competencies

2.1 Student Learning Outcomes

2.3 Learning Activities

2.4 Assessment and Evaluation

3.4 Open Educational Resources

3.6 Proper Citation of Materials

4.2 Online Student Readiness

7.1 Instructor Support

7.2 Technical Support

7.3 Academic Support

7.4 Student Support

8.1 Syllabus Statement

8.2 Learning Styles Support

8.3 Access Policy

8.4 Disability Programs and Resources Center Connection

8.5 Accessible Instructional Materials