Course Certification

The QLT Certification Process

There are no University requirements around QLT certification. The QLT Team is here to help you meet your and/or your department's goals. We have no deadlines, but you might want to consider setting some for yourself since this process takes a few months to complete.

QLT Course Certification Process Flowchart

Have you completed the pre-requisites for applying for QLT Certification? Find out by completing the Getting Started with QLT Certification Checklist.

There a 5 pre-requisite steps to complete before getting started with your QLT Self Review & Application. 

  • Meet with someone from the QLT Team for a QLT Certification consult.

  • Teach the course once in the mode you’d like to certify (online or hybrid).

  • Complete at least one QLT professional development workshop or training.

  • Request a QLT Review iLearn Course Shell

  • Select a Lead Peer Reviewer from the list of QLT Ambassadors.


1. Complete your Self Review and Course Revisions

Once you’ve completed the 5 pre-requisite steps above:

  • The QLT Team will send you the Self Review document.
  • You will perform a Self Review of your course using the QLT Rubric and making revisions to your course as you go along.


2. Submit your Self Review and fill out the QLT Application for Certification

  • Submit your Self Review by emailing it along with any supporting files you are attaching as evidence. If the file size is too large for email, feel free to share your Self Review as a Google Doc or to compress it in a zipped file.
  • Complete the QLT Certification Application.


3. Meet with your Lead Peer Reviewer

  • The QLT Team will send your Self Review and Application to your Lead Peer Reviewer. The Lead Peer Reviewer will review your course. This usually takes 4-8 weeks.
  • The Lead Peer Reviewer will contact you to discuss the results of their review and to recommend course revisions.


4. Complete & Submit Course Revisions and Notes

  • Revise your QLT Review Course Shell and add revision notes to your Self Review based on what you learn in your Lead Peer Review.
  • Email the new version of the Self Review with revisions notes to the QLT Team by emailing it


5. Blind Peer Review

  • The QLT Team shares this Self Review and your QLT Review Course Shell with a Blind Peer Reviewer.
  • The Blind Peer Reviewer reviews your Self Review and your QLT Review Course Shell.
  • The QLT Team contacts you with the results of your Blind Peer Review. This typically takes 4-8 weeks after we receive the new version of your Self Review with course revisions and notes.


Celebrate your QLT Certification and Recognition!

Once your course has successfully passed through both Peer Reviews, you will receive:

  • Official letter of accomplishment and certificate for RTP purposes.
  • Campus-wide recognition in QLT events and on the QLT website.
  • Honorarium for completion of QLT Course Certification.