QLT Online Teaching Lab

Join the QLT Online Teaching Lab's Flexible Summer Learning Community!

Our Flexible Summer Learning Community is a 6-week course: June 26 to August 6 with a focus on supporting faculty who are preparing to teach online this fall. This session will be the same course and the same material as our May Learning Community, but with a longer timeline offering greater flexibility for participants.

Do you want to see best practices in iLearn and learn how to bring your teaching online in ways that are effective for your students?  Interested in experiencing an online course in iLearn as a student? The Online Teaching Lab is a fully (asynchronous) online course about online teaching, and our community norms emphasize curiosity, kindness and compassion with oneself and with each other as we navigate together this unusual time in history. 

The OTL is designed to model best practices for online course design and takes about 20-25 hours of effort to complete. Faculty will receive a stipend upon completing the required activities for the Lab. While the OTL is fully asynchronous and self-paced, we offer learning communities to provide opportunities for deeper engagement amongst instructional designers and faculty peers.  Many faculty find that having the structure of the learning community helps them continue through the course in a timely way.  

If you are already enrolled in the Online Teaching Lab, there’s nothing you need to do and no one you need to notify -- we will email you the week the course begins.

If you are not yet enrolled, click the link below and you will receive a Welcome Message with links to begin accessing the course:

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You may access a comprehensive list of QLT Online Teaching Lab learning outcomes here.