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What is Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT)?

At SF State University we'vecultivated a robust faculty learning community dedicated to quality learning and teaching. The QLT community includes the QLT Ambassadors and Mentors and SF State faculty experienced and interested in hybrid and online teaching.

How is the CEETL Quality Learning and Teaching team addressing the current rapid transition to remote instruction?

At CEETL we have been preparing and supporting instructors in delivering quality online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses for many years.  When the campus moved into rapid transition to remote instruction, CEETL was ready with a variety of support services, including one-on-one consultations and a menu of "Keep Teaching" webinars and recordings.  We know that it takes time and effort to design quality online learning experiences, and the rapid transition to remote instruction was a time to focus on supporting students with empathy and flexibility.  We focused on supporting instructors in transitioning to remote modalities, and we encouraged instructors to make changes to their courses what would simplify and humanize the learning experiences for their students.

As we approach summer and move into the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters, we're shifting our focus to preparing and supporting instructors in taking gradual steps to continuously design and develop engaging, socially present online courses.  The QLT team is doing this largely through our Online Teaching Lab, which provides an asychronous (fully) online course about online teaching that faculty can engage with on their own time, at their own pace.  We are also offering facilitated learning communities of the Lab, to provide a stronger sense of community and to scaffold the development experiences for faculty.

What happened to QLT Certification?

New Directions for Quality Learning & Teaching at SF State!

The SF State Quality Learning and Teaching team has engaged in an extensive literature review and two-year research study to determine which professional development processes and support services best support student success. We have learned that faculty engagement in professional development opportunities around QLT is even more important for student learning than the actual certification of individual courses. For this reason, we will be focusing our programming on supporting faculty as they complete a variety of professional development offerings.

Completion of the Online Teaching Lab (OTL) and a subsequent receipt of the QLT Lab badge is equivalent to demonstrating a high level of engagement with quality online course design professional development. 

At this time, we are considering Online Teaching Lab completion and the Lab badge as the replacement to the previous QLT certification process.

What other resources are available to help me develop quality online and hybrid courses? 

Visit the CEETL website to see a list and descriptions of a variety of resources, support services, and professional development offerings for online course design.

Are all faculty teaching online courses at SF State required to join the Online Teaching Lab?

No, the QLT Online Teaching Lab is entirely optional and is provided as a professional development offering by CEETL so that instructors can experience an online course as online students while considering and developing their own online and/or hybrid courses.  While funds are available, faculty who do join the Online Teaching Lab will receive a stipend upon completing Lab requirements.  Faculty are not required to join the Lab, nor does CEETL certify online courses.  CEETL will issue QLT Lab badges when faculty complete the Lab, which indicates that faculty have completed a certain number of Lab activities and reflected on their course design through the medium of a teaching ePortfolio.  We are continuously learning about the efficacy of the Online Teaching Lab and will continue to refine Lab completion requirements.

How will we continue to ensure quality of CourseMatch courses?

Previously QLT-certified CourseMatch courses will maintain their certified status.  Moving forward into Fall 2020, any instructors wishing to offer a course via CourseMatch will need to complete the QLT Online Teaching Lab, which includes completing at least 50% of the Lab engagements and submitting a teaching ePortfolio.  Completion of the Lab also makes the faculty eligible for a stipend.  We are continuously reviewing the efficacy of the Lab and adjusting completion requirements.


To learn more about SFSU’s QLT Program and the ongoing faculty development opportunities, please contact iteach@sfsu.edu.